One year later . . .

So yeah – bit of a pause there … who knew. Really barely a half an hour on Darillium, and I’ve been busy – sort of – sewing things,  finding costumes and well working.

I’ve written a bit over on Facebook…. there is the first hour on Darillium, about rebuilding Nardol. I really need a Nardol. And there’s been cons…. so….lets play catch up shall we ?

Now one year and one month – have I mentioned “time traveler” ? Yes well everything seems like it was a moment ago.

SO I did travel with 6 and 4 and Rose to see Dinosaurs that was fun !

Dino and me

Even took a brief ride. Thanks to Rose for snapping the shot.

Well then we moved on to Christmas and the Holidays… That all seems a blur although I do remember telling Nardol to NOT share the Diary ? Does he listen ? No.

OH yes we went to a lovely convention with 11 and 12 and I interviewed another space traveler – Wurth Lesterman – the only surviving Red Shirt ( I hear they all die – well obviously not all )  I played games with most of the Doctor’s regenerations …. funny how he doesn’t know which face said what . . .



Moving right along


So here we go. . .

A blog,  MY blog – not that I don’t write – I often don’t publish. I rant and delete. I am positive there are others that do the same thing. So then,  just what am I doing here ?

Mostly this is going to be my life,  my adventures,  my hints and frustrations (I’ll keep those to a minimum) a look at things I am working on. It could be boring or funny or sarcastic but the best thing is it’s nothing but me and how I see things.

So let’s answer a few questions you might (or might not – probably not) have.

  • Is your name really River ?

Well if the name you use is the name you choose – Yes. I was given another name by my parents…I love/loved my parents but the name wasn’t right. My Dad called me Joe and the nicknames I’ve been given are numerous. So after a rather life changing event  – It became River. I didn’t change it legally – that  just becomes a can of worms….but if you think about it …it makes no difference. River is who I am.

  • How old are you ?

Spoilers – don’t ask . It doesn’t matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to you.

  • Adventures ???

Well I live where getting to the day job can be an adventure and I go to cons and love to travel. So yeah – adventures ….

That’s it – if you want to stay – please do. I’ll try to be entertaining and if you want to see my FaceBook page – here’s a link.

Just one more thing – call me anything but River and I will verbally remove your internal organs in alphabetical order


I have a key . . .